1.  Robot Prayers Dance Demo Piece is just a small part of the storyworld  transmedia project.

This interactive dance piece is called Robot Prayers directed by Audri Phillips and performed by Caribay Franke . Motion tracking visuals produced by  Audri Phillips, Will Michaelsen,  music  by Winter Lazerus. Produced by Audri Phillips, Winter Lazerus. Special thanks to Kate McCallum and Ed Lantz. Performed in the Vortex Immersion dome.

Shot by Michael Lagrelius And Blaine Dahle edited by Christian Miehls


2.  First Version of Robot Prayers Dance Demo for an interactive dance demo.  A Work in progress.  Directed by Audri Phillips. Visuals and Animations by Audri Phillips. Dance and Choreography by Caribay Franke, Music by Winter Lazerus, Interactive Programming Assist by Will Michaelsen, Shooting of dance demo, Michael Lagrelius, . Performed in the Vortex Dome courtesy of Ed Lantz and Kate McCallum.

3. Relentless Universe

Directed by Audri Philllips. Visual Design and Animation by Audri Phillips, Music by Francois le Roux, Vocalist William Julian Lacey, spoken Word by Joke Debaere, filmed by Tim Hix, performed in the Vortex immersion Dome



circlebirdparticleLink to a Dance Piece on time in Progress ,Performed at Highways Theater in Santa Monica California. The Choreographer was Maura Townsend.  We collaborated as I did the visuals.

5.  Dome master version of the concert of Steve Roach, “Relentless Beauty”
Audri Phillips designed/created and performed the visuals at the Steve Roach concert in the Vortex Immersion dome, Highlights from the concert 

6. Blue Apple
Audri Phillips designed created and performed the visuals for the dance concert with the Wenta Ballet.


7Audri Phillips was the VJ of the show and was responsible for the design and creation of all the animations and videos shown in the performance. Co- collaborartor, No’a Winter Lazerus composed half of the music in the show and picked the amazing musicians to perform in the show. The man on the Cello, HaMan performed and composed all of the music in the first half of the show.

8. Link to a video clip of a performance by Dixon the violinist and VJ Audri”Aubri” Phillips at the Future Festival at the Vortex Dome.

 The video is courtesy of Kaley Nelson kindly shot the video with her camera phone, so do please excuse the low rez quality of the footage!

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